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Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition



The Disability Vote Coalition (DVC) is a non-partisan organization in Madison that empowers individuals with disabilities to engage in the voting process. They aim to increase voter turnout by educating on the legalities and importance of ballot issues, promoting accessibility, and highlighting the impact on individuals with disabilities.

The DVC's mission includes:

  • Educating about voting rights and the impact of voting.

  • Creating accessible voting environments.

  • Providing non-partisan information on ballot issues.

  • Encouraging civic engagement among individuals with disabilities.


Our goal is to increase voter turnout among people with disabilities by raising awareness, educating about voting rights, and promoting accessible voting options.

Strategy and Execution

As the marketing agency on retainer for the DVC, we focus on enhancing their social media presence to support their mission. We develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy that includes: 

  • Content Planning: Preparing social media calendars with consistent and relevant posts

  • Campaigns: Creating a flow of timely content around the election calendar

  • Community Engagement: Helping spotlight real and authentic voices in the DVC community 


Our social media efforts have been crucial in supporting the Disability Vote Coalition's mission. Through strategic planning, consistent content creation, and active community engagement, we have successfully increased awareness, engagement, and voter turnout within the disability community.


Accessible FB Tutorial

Accessible FB Tutorial

Click to view a list of tips and guidelines Promote Local created to empower members of the DVC community to make their own accessible and effective posts

Instagram Reel

Instagram Reel

Click to watch this testimonial reel

Tweet and Analytics

Tweet and Analytics

This is a tweet that had notable success and we spent time analyzing with the DVC

X (Twitter)

X (Twitter)

We used a bilingual Twitter (X) campaign to get 1,961 Impressions

Post and Analytics

Post and Analytics

With a reach of 724 people, 45 engagements and 9 clicks we took note of this post and included more things like it into the strategy

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