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Our Work

 We take pride in showcasing the successes of our local Wisconsin clients. Our creative solutions drive community engagement and growth. Discover how we've partnered with businesses like yours to achieve impactful results together.

Milwaukee County Children, Youth, and Family Services

We work with Children Youth Family Services in Milwaukee County to help more families learn about their programs. We used grant money to create ads and videos that showed how their programs can help. As a result, more families joined their programs, and people learned more about how to get support.

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Disability Vote Coalition

Promote Local is proud to be boosting engagement for the Disability Vote Coalition Through social media. rough strategic planning, consistent content creation, and active community engagement, we have successfully increased awareness, engagement, and voter turnout within the disability community.

Milwaukee County
Birth To 3

Consulting With Promote Local Leads to User-Friendly Resource Creation, Digital Outreach During Covid-19 Pandemic, and a More Positive, Inclusive View of Program Services for the Milwaukee County Birth to Three Program

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