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Boost Engagement: How Member Spotlights Can Elevate Your Nonprofit in Dane County

Why Use Member Spotlights?

People love hearing about other people! If you are a board member or leader of a member organization, you should consider interviewing members as a part of a “Member Spotlight” series. Asking questions of your member organizations and individuals can also be excellent ways to compile content to share with your audience across multiple platforms, such as social media, newsletters, or organizational brochures. When conducting interviews, it is important to ask questions that are open ended, and allow room for thoughtful, heartfelt responses.

Member Spotlight Campaigns In Dane County

In Dane County, spotlight campaigns are showcasing local businesses and organizations with remarkable success. 

Example 1: The Middleton Chamber of Commerce has leveraged engaging video content to shine a light on community gems like Foxridge Veterinary Care, whose spotlight video garnered over 100 views on YouTube. This initiative not only highlights their services but also fosters community connection and visibility. 

Example 2: The Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin has seen impressive engagement through their spotlight content, amassing over 300 LinkedIn followers by featuring member real estate agents and their success stories. These campaigns not only celebrate local excellence but also amplify the impact of community-driven initiatives in Dane County.

Interview Questions For Member Spotlights

  • When did you become a member of our organization?

  • What inspired you to join? Can you share the anecdote of when you made the decision to join? Do you remember when you decided to join?

  • What have been the greatest benefits you've seen since becoming a member?

  • Can you tell me about a time when being a member of our organization has made a positive impact?

  • In what ways has membership paid for itself?

  • Tell me about a time when being a member influenced change in your organization or in your industry in general. 

  • What would you say to someone who is considering membership?

  • Would you recommend this membership to others? Why or why not?

Interview Tips

For a successful interview, connect with your interviewee on the phone, or sit with them in a quiet space. Have your questions prepared in advance and record the interview to capture all of the great insights your members will say. Bonus points if you film video of the interview - this can also be edited into meaningful segments, testimonials, or other videos that help you promote your organization!

For other interviewing tips, or if you would like to bounce interview question ideas off of us, contact Promote Local! We look forward to working with you to showcase the successes your members have experienced.

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